Macstop- X15 Bone Conduction Earphone

Macstop is a bone conduction headphones manufacturer for 6years, committed to China’s high-end Bone Conduction Headphones manufacturing, focusing on OEM ODM capabilities, professional to create your brand.

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  • IP56 Water and Sweat Resistant

    Designed for All-Weather adventurers.
    Protection from water, dirt, dust, oil,and other non-corrosive materials

  • Shape-Memory Alloy

    Made of memory wire

    Low temperature resistance
    Return to its original shape easily

  • Strong Endurance

    Fully charged in 1 hour

    Up to 8-hour playtime
    Charge for 10 minutes and

    play for about 2 hours

  • Noise Cancelling For Calls

    Support dual MIC
    ENC noise reduction technology for calls

    Crystal clear call sound

    Efficient and convenient anywhere

BoostBass™1.0 Stereo SoundRevolutionary breakthrough in headphones.

Macstop X15 uses our independently developed bone conduction acoustic technology “BoostBass™1.0 Stereo Sound” and has obtained dozens of patent rights. It has excellent bass quality and more stereo depth. Therefore, it gives a layered and superior listening experience, bringing you a rich and full-range auditory feast.

IP56 Sweat and Water Resistant No fear of bad weather and sweat.

IP55 means the rating of protection from dirt, dust, water, oil and other non-corrosive material. Professional-level isolation of water penetration makes Macstop X16 suitable for any occasion, including all sports scenarios. Don't worry about sweating or encountering a heavy downpour, exercise more hearty and free.

Safe and RelievedEnjoy natural sounds, offer a safer way of life.

The Open-Ear design can perceive external sounds in real time, helping you avoid unnoticed hearing blind spots, and ensure your safety to a greater extent. When you walk, run or ride bikes on the road with Klatre L Series LS1, you don't need to worry about not hearing the whistle of the car behind you.

Why Choose Macstop?

With 6 years of experience, Macstop is well versed in this field. We will ensure that we only provide you with high-quality bone conduction headphones.

Yes, you are dealing with masters. You can trust them with your needs and expectations.

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